Welcome to Elite Public School

ELITE PUBLIC SCHOOL is a newly established English Medium & Co- Ed. School with its motto "Truth is God". The school which has been established on the proposal of an esteemed elite is committed to cater the needs of the elite of our locality under the management of a team of innovative & educated members. The medium of this school would strictly be English.

The school is expectionally located in the busiest arena of Chirkunda on the bank of River Damodar, which concedes a comfortable & easy transport facility to any remotely residing parent.

The set up management has scientifically devised up the methodoligies & strategies to provide a high standard, quality based education to the students of E. P. S. The education not only involes a profound teaching, but it does lay emphasis largely on studying & exploring the inborn innovative skill of children, discipline, cleanliness, extra-curricular activities like Art, Competitions, Games, etc. The students will find an extensively moderate and a congenial environment enabling them to concentrate well in their studies. Above all, the school, with a selected faculty of teachers is devoted to developing a better personality and in shaping the future of every student bright, which would by every means help them to stand up boldly in the competitive world and to emerge as a cheerful identity of an anticipated tomorrow. Click here

Elite Public School (An English Medium And Co-Educational Instituition), Dharamshala Road, Chirkunda, Dhanbad, Jharkhand ---- TRUTH IS GOD