About us


The prime concern of the school is to develop pattern of teaching in primary education so as to demonstrate a high standard of primary education to all primary schools. The educational principal and practices being adopt here are those which are best suited of the needs of the young student today. Adaptation of education to meet the problems of society is a major pre-occupation. To this effect the institute seeks the co-operation of Elite parents in extending the classes further in the years ahead. Emphasis is laid on the active learning process and on the cultivation of scholarly habbits and scientific habbits. The curriculum based on the syllabus of N.C.E.R.T. is constantly the subject for discussion at the faculty staff council levels and the required changes in the curriculum shall be brought about off and on in order to envole a pattern which is the most suitable for the social needs and conditions.

Research has a high premium and the members of management and teaching faculty are engaged in the investigation of problems which are of great signifiance to students in the field of education.


English Medium : English is the medium of instruction and all subjects except vernacular will be taught in English only. All students are to use only English as a means of communication & instruction.

Individual Care : The teachers are dedicated to look after the personal development of every student in general. Special cares will be taken for the academically weak students.

Faculty of Selected Teaching Staff : A Faculty selected Teaching Staff is commutted to devote their full attention to the students in bringing them up in every field.

Syllabus : The School follows the syallbus of N.C.E.R.T. in the view that it forms the basis of C.B.S.E. Board. The course may find variations later in the benefit of students after receiving the feed-back from the Teaching Staff.

Special Classes and Intensive Coaching for Competions : Special Classes will be held every Saturday or on holidays for the academically weak students in their specifice subjects accopanied by an intensive coaching for students, of class IX / X to prepare them for C.B.S.E. Course, Delhi Board.

Gyan Jyoti Award : Merit Scholarship entitled as Gyan Jyoti Award will be awarded to the selected students for their outstanding performance in the field of academics every year in the mid of session.


Regular Examination and Results : There will be a regular monthly examination followed by Unit (1), half-yearly, Unit (11) & Annual Examinations. Results of these tests will be copied in the progress report cards. Parents are requested to mark special attention to these examinations.

Intra & Inter School Competitions : Competitions will be held inside the school and outside the school in the field of Art, G.K., Debates, Drama, Recitation and the meritorius students will be awarded by prizes.

Regular Meetings : Meetings will be conducted amidst the Teaching Staff and members of Managing Committee every fortnight in view o f academics progress of each and every student and modifications will subject to the betterment of students. There will also be meetings with the parents thrice in a year, recommendations will be entertained for the welfare of the children.

Educational Excursions, Picnic will be arranged every year to help the students in understanding and experiencing the joys and laws of nature more explicitly.

Annual Functions, Exibitions & Cultural Programmes : The School will conduct Annual Functions including prize ceremony, Exibitions, depicting the inborn talents of the students and various cultural programmes sybolizing integrity, Humanity, Patriotism & Harmony.

School Calender, School Magazine & School Diary : Every student will be provided with school calender high lighting the details of the proceedings of the school, School Magazines surveying the happenings of the school yearly & School Diary giving the details of the rules & regulations.